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Oridian performs a variety of services for land development clients, ranging from pre-design planning through construction. Services related to pre-construction activities include:

  • Project Pro-Forma Research - Oridian performs many services to assist developers in the preparation of project pro-forma reports. These services include practicability analysis,preliminary costing and scheduling, and value engineering. We also assist with due diligence studies and research.

  • Consultant Team Management - As project managers, Oridian has a great deal of experience assembling and managing teams of experts and specialists to perform any and all tasks necessary to achieve a successful project. Our style is collaborative and hands-on.

  • Construction Management - On land development projects, Oridian performs as a full service manager of all phases of construction, including assisting our clients with bidding the work, awarding contracts, and seeing the work through to completion. Schedule and budget control are key elements of our efforts. As a licensed contractor in both general engineering and general commercial construction, Oridian knows the construction industry inside and out.


There are a number of things to consider when determining if a project or a particular project element is practical. Oridian is especially good at viewing proposed planning or engineering solutions with the question, "Does this make sense?" in mind. We always balance cost against value to evaluate not only what's possible, but what is realistic.

We look at project planning and design from both directions - cutting cost and adding value. Sometimes the least expensive approach is good, but other times a more expensive approach adds value to the project in ways that more than offset the additional cost.

Oridian brings together teams of experts, supplementing our own staff, to assist land developers with the research necessary to make vital decisions about potential projects. We have people with expertise in zoning, right of way, environmental and archeological investigation, agency permitting, and other key issues.

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